There are three major grassroots programs designed for the members of Washington’s rural electric cooperatives and mutual companies. Each program is designed to keep you informed of the political and regulatory activities at the state and federal level which directly impact your electric cooperative.

Cooperative Action Network
The Cooperative Action Network allows you to make your voice heard in the halls of the US Congress and the Washington State Legislature. Not only is it your right to tell your legislators what you think about proposed legislation, it’s also your duty! Communication is a major component of advocating what is in the best interest of you and the other members of your cooperative. Sending your member of congress or the legislature an email on an important issue affecting your cooperative is a great way to keep your senators and representatives informed. The Cooperative Action Network, sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, is a website where you can do that quickly. You simply log-in, write your message, and the Cooperative Action Network takes care of making sure your message is forwarded to the appropriate senators and representatives.

Washington’s Electric Ambassadors
Electric ambassadors are co-op members just like yourself, who have joined together to support Washington’s electric co-ops. Through the ambassador program, co-op members across Washington have an organized, focused opportunity to communicate their views and concerns about issues like future electric rates and elected officials and policy-makers, at both the state and federal level. It’s free to our members, and you are never under any obligation.

People Power
People Power is a grass roots organization for the Pacific Northwest, catering to those who get electricity from a cooperative or mutual company who have concerns about the cost of power. Their mission is to educate and encourage grassroots contact by customers of Northwest consumer-owned utilities with Congress, federal, and regional agencies about issues impacting electric rates.

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