Clean, renewable, reliable, and low-cost hydropower supplies more than 82% of the electricity sold by electric co-ops in Washington state. The state’s electric co-ops also are involved in the development of additional renewable power resources.

Coupled with the clean, reliable, and low-cost nuclear power in the electric co-ops’ resource portfolios means that less than 7% of the power delivered by electric co-ops in Washington is from resources that have greenhouse gas emissions. The resource portfolio of the electric co-ops in Washington is one of the most environmentally friendly in the nation.

Finally, the Clean Renewable Energy Bond program, which provides co-ops with an incentive equivalent to that historically available only to IOUs and private developers, has inspired a significant number of new co-op owned renewable generation projects.

WRECA Members Electric Fuel Mix

  • Hydro: 85.13%
  • Coal: 2.28%
  • Natural Gas: 0.88%
  • Nuclear: 10.79%
  • Wind: 0.72%
  • Biomass: 0.13%
  • Waste: 0.05%
  • Other: 0.03%

Electric Fuel Mix Chart